Jason and the “Ah-Ha” moment

At seven a.m. on a Saturday morning I could be forgiven for being a bit slow. It was the third week-end of hockey. I knew it was coming. The manager was going around the room with her plan for a fundraiser.

“We have a tournament in Saint John, blah, blah, blah,” she went on. I wasn’t awake yet.

“You can either pay me $175 or take these tickets to sell wreaths,” Helene continued.

“Sure,” I said quickly, “give me two envelopes.”

We squared it away. I put on my gear and went out on the ice to help coach. It wasn’t until the blood warmed and we were mid-way through our third drill that what I agreed to do started to sink in.

“Okay. Fundraising. I had to do it as a kid. You bang on doors, sell some tickets and raise some cash. No big deal. Uh, wait. I’m going to be spending my time selling someone else’s product to raise money. It’s like a logo on a shirt, you’re paying a company to promote their product. I can’t count the number of people I know who dress head to toe in Under Armour product. Don’t they know they’re just a walking billboard? And, the coup de grace is they PAID to advertise for someone else.”

I sighed. Twirled around the ice a few more times.

“If I’m going to go door to door, why don’t I sell my own product?”

I jammed on the breaks. Snow flew in some kids face. Oops. Sorry. I picked up the unsuspecting victim, brushed off the snow.

“That’s brilliant. I’ve got books to sell. I can just donate the proceeds to Dustin’s tournaments. It’s where the money is going anyway. Sylvie wants to raffle off her photos. We could set up a web-cam when we do the draw so everyone knows it’s legit.”

Then my brain kicked into over-drive: How many sports organizations have to do the same thing? Could I partner with them?

But wait, the language in both of my books can be a bit ‘blue’ at times. Hold on: What about the Prince of Acadia and the River of Fire? But it’s not finished. Pre-sales.

We could do a raffle for a free week-end stay at the yurt? That’s a brilliant idea.

There’s just one problem.

Why didn’t I think of this idea BEFORE hockey season started!?!


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