New Brunswick: Frontier of the Canadian Dream

“Say what?”

“New Brunswick is the Frontier of the Canadian Dream.”

“What the hell does that mean and why is it your next book?”

“You just said finding things to do that we can take advantage of locally, right?”

“Yeesss.” Sylvie wondered.

“There’s a shit-tonne of things to do here that nobody knows about.”


“Take the Leaf Run in Richibucto. It isn’t advertised. It isn’t in the newspaper. No one knows about it. And yet, every year there’s a friggin’ regatta at the head of the river. Everyone gathers around and this amazing event takes place.”

“Okay, now I see where you’re going with this.”

“The Sundance Festival. The Leaf Run. And those things are just in the Richibucto area. I bet every part of New Brunswick has their own happening that no one knows about. They’re not advertised. There’s no coverage. The only people who know it’s happening are the locals and they don’t want anyone to know about it.”
“You don’t think so?”

Sylvie stood, dumbfounded.

“Here’s my theory: you always here about how New Brunswick is called the drive-thru province. It’s the province in the way between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. You have to go through it to get somewhere else. How do we get them to stop? If we wanted tourists to stop, wouldn’t we do a better job of sharing the best events we have to offer?”

“Yeah, you’d think so wouldn’t you,” she agreed.

“But if you those tourists discovered those amazing events they might be inclined to stay. They might discover that New Brunswick is the frontier of the Canadian Dream.”

“Alright, then what’s the Canadian Dream?”

“Are you ready for this?”

“Spit it out Jase, you know I get bored quick if you don’t get to the point.”

“I met this guy at work and do you know what his big motivation in life was.”

“Nope,” Sylvie said and started to fidget. I had to speed up my sermon.

“He wanted to have enough money so he could have a big piece of land. And on that land he wanted to be able to sit on his front porch with his gun and shoot it whenever and at whatever he wanted without his neighbours knowing or caring.”
I was all worked up. I had her attention. Now was the time to deliver the knock-out punch.”
“The Canadian Dream is to be rich and anonymous!”


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